Recording Audio on Canon 5D

General Workflow

Sennheiser ME-66 -- XLR Cable -- H4N running Phantom Power +48V -- 1/8" aux cable running out of H4N headphone jack -- Mic input on 5D

Key Variables

  • H4N is powering the microphone using Phantom Power (enabled in menu) +48V
  • H4N input volume is around 40-50
  • H4N headphone volume is around 60
  • 5D Mark III sound recording is on manual, dialed way down
  • Record concurrently on H4N as a backup
  • Monitor the 5D audio by plugging in headphones

Video Demo

The Setup Explaination

I run the ME-66/K6 microphone XLR into channel 1 of the H4N. With the H4N turned on, I make sure to select the "1" input button. This activates the XLR inputs as opposed to the built-in mic input.

From there, you either need to have a AA battery in the K6 power module for the microphone and have the mic turned on, or with the mic turned off head into the h4n menu and turn on 48V Phantom Power. This basically will either have the mic power itself (AA) or the h4n power the mic (48V Phantom).

Arm the H4N by clicking the REC button once. It'll start flashing (but it's not recording). Put some headphones on and plug them into the H4N. Adjust the headphone volume to around 60. Then check your levels by adjusting the rec volume (buttons on the side of the H4N) to around 40. Have your talent speak as they will speak in the video, don't just have them say "test test test" to ensure good volume levels.

What we do here at Wistia is run the H4N into the 5D Mark III with a headphone cable. We exit the H4N through the headphone jack and into the 5D3 mic input. Then we plug our headphones into the 5D and make sure to turn the microphone volume on the 5D way down to avoid peaking. We also record on the H4N concurrently as a backup because the 5D's audio capabilities are limited.